Sun-screen films

Sun-screen films

Bright and hot sun rays have a negative impact on our eyes and are not very healthy for human body in general. That is why when windows of your apartment or office look to the sunny side, it may affect the efficiency of work, peoples mood and well-being. The most optimum solution can be covering your windows with sun-screen films.

Key advantages of sun-screen films are:

  • Considerable energy-saving because of reduced use of air conditioning and heating of premises;
  • Heat insulation;
  • Reducing high temperature during hot summer;
  • Protection of furniture and other interior items from fading;
  • Protection of the interior from UV rays impact;
  • With sun-screen films installed,  IR rays cause less harm to eyes when somebody is looking out the window.

All types of sun-screen tinting films retain UV rays for 99%. Please do not forget that UV rays cause fading of upholstery and other interior items. Do not worry that flowers or other plants will be deprived of sun rays they need, it has been proven that tinted windows do not any harm to plants.

Sun-screen films are the best protection from sun rays!

Installation instruction Tools for films installation

Professional installation is a key factor of applying window films as incorrect installation may reduce all the advantages of such films to zero. Window tinting with own hands is not an easy task, even if film is quite thick. Window film installation shall be performed by specially-trained and specially-equipped professionals only.

Co-operation with DIATON will help you to avoid such situations as insufficient transparency, lumps on film surface, deterioration of films transparency, and disintegration of film coating. Our specialists will give you professional advices regarding the choice of best films for your premises.

Please remember that professional installation will not take much of your time and will not impede the ordinary course of your life.

DIATON services for film installation are certified   (Certificate    169/ issued on 03/07/11).

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