Special film

DIATON films for protection of mobile phone screens,
3 players and sensor screens of handheld computers.

Technical specifications

Screen protection film

NDFOS films for protection of mobile phone screenIn our times we often deal with sensor-type and flat screens of displays -  those of mobile phones, 3 players and the like. Such devices are meant for regular use and often are carried in handbags, pockets so screen can be easily damaged. It is important to remember that quality protective films shall not damage screen upon their removal.

Stiff protective layer

Stiff protective layer protects devices from damage and scratches as inner and external surfaces of mobile phones, sensor screens and navigators get easily scratched and dropped. Stiff protective layer  of film is heat resistant.

PSA adhesive layer

If you buy films from DIATON Studio you will see a difference in the use of adhesive in-between film layers: the adhesive used is 100% silicon, which ensures that NTH-100S does not leave any spots after film removal.
Many companies are after low prices and therefore their silicon layer is 20 m, while we apply a silicon layer  of over  25 m  to improve quality of the product. You can easily check it yourself having removed one strip from the film and comparing with films of other companies. Our products are coated with NTH-100S, which protects again fingerprints. Another important advantage of our films is much higher transparency compared with any other films of other companies.

Product code Thickness  (m) Notes
NTH-100S 2282 m 100% pure silicon, UV - protective   stiff layer
PET transparency   high abrasion resistance
Protective PET film 50 m
Stiff layer 2-3 m
Basic PET film 100 m
Silicon adhesive 25 m
Protective PET film 50 m

Standard characteristics

Characteristics Specification Testing method


2282 m NTECH method



pencil hardness

(stiff layer)

(stiff layer)
Lift-off resistance

(PSA layer)




600200 /25 mm

1500200 /25 mm

Pencil hardness test
(1 kg load)

cross-cut test method

ASTM D6001 (after 30 minutes)

ASTM D6001 (after 24 hours)

Installation instruction Tools for films installation

Professional installation is a key factor of applying window films as incorrect installation may reduce all the advantages of such films to zero. Window tinting with own hands is not an easy task, even if film is quite thick. Window film installation shall be performed by specially-trained and specially-equipped professionals only.

Co-operation with DIATON will help you to avoid such situations as insufficient transparency, lumps on film surface, deterioration of films transparency, and disintegration of film coating. Our specialists will give you professional advices regarding the choice of best films for your premises.

Please remember that professional installation will not take much of your time and will not impede the ordinary course of your life.

DIATON services for film installation are certified   (Certificate    169/ issued on 03/07/11).

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