Installation manual

Instruction for window films installation № 32773554/01-04

Professional set of tools is needed for installation window films, and it is as follows:

  1. Small universal knife (for film precise cutting).
  2. Spare blades for knife.
  3. Safe original squeegee (for squeezing water out of anti-shock films).
  4. Spare rubber for safe original squeegee.
  5. Yellow universal squeegee (used for squeezing water out of all films except for anti-shock ones. In case of anti-shock films it is used only for pressing film edges and angles. As well, yellow squeegee is used for window washing).
  6. Scraper TRIUMPH (used for mechanical cleaning of windows).
  7. Spare blades for scraper Triumph.
  8. Washing liquid (for window washing).
  9. Water spray (under pressure).

Additional tools:

  1. Tape-measure.
  2. Pair of scissors
  1. Try square 90°.
  2. Soft-tip pen for windows.
  1. Ruler 1.53.
  2. Washing liquid


A window glass intended for film installation shall be well measured.

If a glass is without frame, 0.5 cm shall be added to each side (tolerance for exact cutting). If a glass shall be installed in a frame, then still a tolerance of 0.5 cm to each side shall be added (for exact cutting to the frame).


Calculate the amount of film - consumption and cut, proceeding from the width of a film roll (standard film width is 1,524 mm).


After preliminary calculations start cutting films. If there is a table, the width of which is not less than width of a roll, then do cutting on the table. Otherwise film may be cut on the floor on the sheet of polyethylene with the use of the required tools (tape-measure, ruler, soft-tip pen and scissors, and 90° try squares), taking into account tolerances.

(Film installation process).

  1. All the films are installed on a double-glass pane on the inner side (from the side of the premise) except for sun-protecting films specially designed for external installation.
  2. To install a film, first prepare a water solution (with distilled or filtered water) with a neutral washing liquid in the proportion of 3-4 drops of liquid per 0.5 l of water.
  3. Check sizes of a glass and cut pieces of film. Having made sure that they correspond to each other, start the work. First, prepare the glass. For that you will need the prepared water solution, scraper and remover for water.
  4. Apply the solution on the glass evenly and start preliminary glass cleaning from dirt, dust, paint and the like by means of a scraper. Move the scraper from top downward. After this is completed, make the final glass washing.
  5. Apply the solution on the glass and moving from top downward wash the remaining dirt from the glass with remover. Repeat this operation 3-4 times, if needed (but use a fresh for every next operation). After that the glass is ready for film installation.
  6. Take a film of the appropriate size, moisten it evenly with the solution from both sides (for the dust on the surface of a film doesn’t get into the adhesive layer) and remove the protecting layer (lavsan)  moistening thoroughly  the adhesive layer of the film with the solution. If the glass is large in size, then moisten additionally the clean surface of the glass (preferably, its central part).
  7. Apply film to the glass, moisten the film with the solution one more time on the external side and then squeeze water out of the film by means of a yellow squeegee with 50% overlap.
  8. Cut edges of extra film exactly according to the frame with a special knife, then repeat the operation   6  2-3 times until water is completely removed from under film. Press edges of films using paper towels.
  9. Leave the glass with film apply to dry for  2-3 days. When piling glasses, leave a distance of 10-15 mm for better drying.
  10. If edges don’t fit tight to each other, press them with a yellow squeegee.
  11. Standard drying put time for films of different  thickness see in the table below:
Film thickness μ Usual complete drying-out time days
Below  100 30
100 to 200 60
200 to 300 100
Over 300 (but not over 425) 140

These values have been defined by the film manufacturer.


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